National People's Party of San Andreas

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National People's Party of San Andreas
Flag of National People's Party of San Andreas
General Secretary Migs Caldeo
Founded September 12, 2012
Dissolved March 19, 2013
Succeeded by People's Party of Urbonia
Headquarters Shiro-shi, Urbonia
Membership (2012) 5
Ideology Liberalism, Individualism, San Andrean nationalism, Internationalism
Political position Center-left
Anthem The Internationale
Colors Red, yellow

The National People's Party of San Andreas, also known as the NPP, was a political party in the People's State of San Andreas and later in the Democratic People's Republic of Urbonia, which existed from 2012 up to 2013.


The National People's Party of San Andreas was founded on September 12, 2012 by President Migs Caldeo and President of the Assembly Philip Lacerna. It is the first and one of the two political parties in San Andreas, the other being the Monarchist Party.

During the existence of the party, it held the majority in the country's legislature.

On the January 2013 general elections, it won 67 percent of the popular votes and won 3 seats in the legislature.

On March 19, 2013, General Secretary Migs Caldeo announced the dissolution of the party. It was succeeded by the People's Party of Urbonia which was also founded by Migs Caldeo.

Party Leadership

The members of the NPP Central Committee are:

  • Migs Caldeo - General Secretary
  • Philip Lacerna - Chairman of the Party Congress
  • Eldridge Parra - Chief Political Officer

Election results

Election Popular vote and percentage Seats
2013 28 (66.67%) 3 (+1)