National Order of Merit (Forestia)

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National Order of Merit
栄誉章 (Japanese)
Ordem Nacional de Mérito (Portuguese)
национальный орден за заслуги (Russian)
Country Forestia
TypeState Order
EligibilityForestian citizens and their pets
Awarded forRendering services relevant to Forestia
StatusCurrently awarded
Established23 January 2023
First awarded2023

The National Order of Merit (Portuguese: Ordem Nacional do Mérito; Japanese: 栄誉章; Russian: национальный орден за заслуги) is the highest award given to civilians in Forestia. The award is presented by the president to individuals and/or pets who have made contributions to the Forestian nation.

The National Order of Merit is the oldest civil award in Forestia, being established on 23 January 2023.


The award was created on 23 January 2023 after the passing of incumbent president Lúcia Kitayama's pet dog, who was the first recipient of the award.



The order's insignia consists of a white Lebanese cedar in a blue background, with a green outline and 12 yellow stars in a circle arrangement.


The ribbon for the order consists of a blue center with white, yellow, and green bars on either side. The ribbon also prominently features the Lebanese cedar inside a thin white ring.


Below is a list of those who have received the award, ranging from pets to citizens of Forestia.


Nationality Name Species / Breed Date Comments
 Forestia Zorba N/A 23 January 2023 First recipient of this medal in any degree and had the award received posthumously.
 Forestia Zulu N/A 23 January 2023 Second ever recipient of this medal. Also posthumously.
 Forestia Zeus Akita Inu 23 January 2023 Third ever recipient of this medal. Also posthumously.
 Forestia Gamakan Latifi N/A 23 January 2023 Fourth ever recipient.
 Forestia Bubbles Betta fish 23 January 2023 Fifth ever recipient.