Nathan I of Nathan

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King Nathan
A painting of King Nathan by Duchess Natalia
King of The Kingdom of Nathan
Reign Since 10th August 2009 1 year, 18 days
Coronation 10th August 2009
Predecessor None
Heir Presumptive Duchess Natalia
Consort Queen Jojo
Full name
Nathan James Hunt
House House of Hunt
Father Duke Roy
Mother Duchess Ewa
Born 9 May 1994 (1994-05-09) (age 28)
Rochford, Essex, England

Nostra Magna Rex, King Nathan James Hunt I of Nathan Island, Little Nathan, and Other Outlying Islands, Duke of King's Province, was born on 9 May 1994. The King is the youngest sibling of a large family, and as such, is a loud and demanding individual. This lead the King to aptly title himself Emperor Nathan the Tyrant, although this was later dropped. The King's tyrannical tendancies are referenced in the National Anthem and the Kingdom's Motto Tyrannum Bellum Marecum (the Tyrant's War with the Sea).

King Nathan's interest in Numismatics (the study of coinage) and micronations lead to the creation of The Kingdom of Nathan on 10 August 2009, following the accidental discovery of a small outcrop of rock just off the coast of Southern France, after a family outing to the nearby town of Frejus.