Natalia Mccaffrey

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Natalia Mccarffrey
FounderNatalia Mccarfrey Jr.
Productsshoes, bags, clothes, accesories
Number of employees

Natalia Mccaffrey is a luxury fashion house based in Hamburg, Istria. Its product lines include handbags, ready-to-wear, shoes and accesories. It sells haute couture (high fashion) but also pret-a-porter (ready to wear) suits. The most important collections of Natalia Mccarffrey wore not published publicly, the official Natalia Mccaffrey beeing found in 2021. This company of fashion was named after the big fashion designer Natalia Mccaffrey who is the President's fashion designer.


The company was founded privately in 2021 and it's purpouse was to become a fashion icon in istrian culture, a trendsetter and a novice way to originality in Istrian culture. This initiative of Natalia Mccarffrey who had many fashion controvercies, designing President's Luca different event outfits and dressing the first family, made her known as the unconventional, neo-classical White Block designer. We can see the controvercy outfits the president wears but also how the classical outfits come out as special when the president is seen in them.


There are collections in progress for spring-summer 2021, but so far has been presented just the collection fall-winter 2021.

  • Haute Couture President
  • Fall-Winter 2021: "Tutte les memes"
  • Special Collection of the First Lady


The press suspects that Natalia Mccarffrey had numberous discussion with the first lady, the first lady beeing a known fashion lover. They have diametral oposed opinions about fashion, the first lady stateing that a lady shall be classical fashion for the major ocassions. On the other sides Natalia belives that a lady should shock when it enters a hall.