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Napanon Nation
Drapeau napanon.pngArmoiries du Napanon.png

Libertatem aut mori
(English: Freedom or death)
Localisation napanon.png Somewhere in Vaucluse.
Capital city Napania
Official language(s) French
Short name Napanon
Demonym Napanoner, Napanic
Government Representation
- Consuls Hugo Itor & Alexandre Iehcnas
Established 1 April 2018
Area claimed 12 m2
Population 4
Currency Napa (pegged to the euro)
Time zone GMT

Napanon Website

The Napanon is a micronation in France, in Vaucluse created on April 1, 2018 by Hugo Itor and Alexandre Iehcnas.

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