New Soviet state credit

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NSSR State Credit
Official usersFlag of Anderlecht.png NSSR
SymbolOfficial: δ
Alternative: C
Sub-unit1/100 Sterls
75S, 50S, 25S, 10S, 5S, 2S, 1S
Coinsδ1, δ2, δ5
Banknotesδ1, δ5, δ10, δ50
Central bankNSSR bank
MintNSSR national mint

The NSSR State Creditis the official currency of the NSSR. It is used in a virtual economy, with a shop and bank, including real-estate and stocks and shares in businesses. Since the NSSR is a socialist nation, these businesses are regulated with all revenue going to the state, meaning that private businesses no longer exist. It has been announced that coins are to be minted.

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