North East Fife Treaty Organization

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North East Fife Treaty Organisation
Motto"Enforce the Right"
FormationFebruary 23, 2018
TypeMilitary alliance
HeadquartersCupar, Scotland
Datar La Kopia
Official languagesEnglish, Afrikaans, Arabic
Secretary General of NEFTOKeenan Carr I, Kingdom of Tarvit
Chairman of the NEFTO Military CommitteeGeneral Alexander Smith, Republic Of Lurnex
Supreme Allied Commander FifeColonel El-Tegani, Tarvitian Army
NEFTO Flag.png

The North East Fife Treaty Organisation (NEFTO / Afrikaans: Verdrag van Noord-Oos-Fife; VNOF) was fouded by Secretary General Keenan Carr I of Yeoman to allow the protection of the less recognised and more scrutinised states. In particular the South Mcarthian defacto state that had been labelled "Dubious" since it's conception. The Organisation swore to abide by the motto "Enforce the Right" the 'right' is that of self-determination and to be governed by a government representative of a regions majority. It has since been succeeded by the Union of Stella Primum

Participating MicroNations

There were 3 main participating MicroNations within NEFTO that all had territory in North East Fife. (some nations had claimed territory as far as West Africa. However, the main active territory must have been situated within North East Fife to be eligible for NEFTO membership). Each nation had it's own category within the organisation, these categories represented the power within the organisation they could exercise and the rights they had to alter the treaty or amend it in any way. Not all participating nations needed to be members of the Treaty but could be Partner MicroNations that were unable to make decisions on the Treaty itself or make amendments but did have the right to exercise a small amount of power within the organisation and request the aid of member states who may have called on other Partner MicroNations.