Montosh Senate

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Montosh Senate
First House
Coat of arms or logo
TypeUnicameral legislature
Prime MinisterJoshua Everson
since 2011
4 Seats
Montosh Senate Political groups  National Party of Montosh (3)
  Democratic Party of Montosh (1)
Montosh Senate Last election2011 Montosh Federal Elections
Meeting place
Rulon, Montosh

The Montosh Senate was the only house of the Montosh Parliament.


On August 8, 2009, Joshua Everson created Montosh. On September 17, 2009, Joshua Everson officially founded the Montosh Senate Which holds control over montosh's legislative powers. The Senate broke down on September 23 due to a period of inactivity within Montosh. It remained in this state until late Febuary 2010 when Joshua rallied a few old citizens to refound the dying country.

On March 25, 2010, Joshua Everson refounded the Senate and it remains active until today.

After the Democratic reform on April 22,new senators we're elected.

The Senate was disbanded in 2012 along with Montosh.