Monarchy of New Scotland

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Monarchy of New Scotland

The United States of America
Official language(s)English
Short nameNew Scotland
National animalKing Cheetah

Government website

New Scotland is the "brainchild" of Her Royal Majesty, Mary Elizabeth I Gomeric. The country came into existence on 25 January 2008, as a result of Her Royal Majesty becoming saddened and grievous over the state of many other countries' forms of government becoming too unlike what she believes, and over the state of the earth and how people treat it. Thus, she formed an idea to live as people did before the "Industrial Revolution", and indeed before the American and French Revolutions respectively, because, in her mind and beliefs, it is the best way to live and not harm the earth or others. The Currently-Nomadic Capital of New Scotland is currently located within and surrounded by Wellington, Florida, United States of America.