Monarchy Bill

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Monarchy Bill
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Long titleAn Act deposing the Caravaggio's from the Baustralian Imperial Throne and replacing them with the Timpson family
Introduced byNick Sullivan, Member for Mild Pond
Laid before Parliament
  • 19 June 2019 (1st reading)
  • 6 July 2019 (2nd reading)
  • 14 May 2020 (3rd reading)
Status: Not passed

The Monarchy Bill (Bill C14 (1st reading), Bill C16 (2nd reading), Bill C71 (3rd reading)) is a bill introduced in the House of Commons of Baustralia, by independent MP Nick Sullivan on 19 June 2019, the last day in the session of Parliament. It failed when the session ended. It was reintroduced later by the request of a constituent of Sullivans. This reading also failed. In May 2020, King John I asked the Members of Parliament to re-introduce their failed bills so they all receive three readings. The reading failed, and the bill was thrown out.

Full texts are available for the first reading, the second reading and the third reading.


1st reading

Annoyed that John I was able to be king, and hence Admiral of the Fleet, without taking courses had annoyed Sullivan, who was starting his Lieutenant commander's course. As John Timpson had taken this course, he felt that Timpson was more qualified to be king then John.

In the terms, John I would be deposed and thence known as Lieutenant Sir Jacob Patrick Caravaggio KG HRN. The royal family would be deposed of their titles, and the Dukedom of Concord would be given to John Timpson, titled John II.

The bill was drafted at 1500 then read at 1600 Eastern Time on 19 June 2019. As this was eight hours away from the end of the parliamentary session, the bill failed after crossing over into a new session.

2nd reading

Getting over himself, Sullivan decided not to motion a carry-over, so the bill was dropped. Later, a Baustralian in Sullivan's riding had convinced the Member to motion a carry-over of just the Monarchy bill. The second revision has been submitted to Parliament for reading later on and had changes to John I's civilian title, updating his rank to Lieutenant commander and appointing him Commanding Officer of HMS Promise. Also, heraldic provisions were also included.

The bill was sent through Parliament upon the emergency meeting called by the Minister for Foreign Affairs regarding the Union with Quebec Act and failed with a vote of 2 – 5 – 0 (Yeses – Noes – Abstentions)

3rd reading

On 14 May 2020, John I announced his intention to have members, who have written bills which failed, to reintroduce them for second and third reading. This bill, therefore, was introduced by the Prime Minister, Nick Sullivan, who previously introduced this bill. It failed 0-7-0.


Current votes
First reading Second reading Third reading
Aye Nay Abstain Aye Nay Abstain Aye Nay Abstain
Emily Day John Timpson Emily Day John Timpson Oliver Doig
Nick Sullivan Oliver Doig Nick Sullivan Oliver Doig Emily Parker
Harrison Pickles Harrison Pickles Nick Sullivan
Kanyon Paradis Aidan McGrath
Greg Watts Kyle Simpson
Majority of 5 required Harrison Pickles
Charles Burgardt


Had the bill passed the House of Commons before the end of the session, John would have either not granted it royal assent, dissolved parliament, or granted it royal assent and given the throne to John Timpson as John II.