Monarchists United

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Monarchists United
Party LeaderAga Sarrajouksa
FoundedSeptember 3rd 2018
Membership  (2019)16


Political positionBig Tent
Official colors     Purple
10 / 18

Monarchists united is a political party in Groponigën. It host a wide range of beliefs mostly centering on maintaining the status quo. It has been a fundamental part of Groponigën politics as it is the largest, oldest, and one of the most active parties. Over its existence it has had only the same leader, Sir Zesty Sítrónu, who was also the founder. In Febuary 2019 Sir Retro Gaming joined the party as the first, and only, vice party leader. On the 27th of March, Kleinmann Kummel assumed principle leadership of the party.

Electoral results

Reichstag Results
Reichstag 1
3 / 9
Reichstag 2
2 / 13
Reichstag 3
5 / 13
Reichstag 4
3 / 13
Reichstag 5
6 / 13
Reichstag 6
10 / 18