Monarchist Party (Sacrée)

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Monarchist Party
LeaderHankery Jenkinson
Founded6 Feburary 2019
Dissolved8 April 2019
Headquarters(Temporary) Quebec discord server
Membership (2018)5
IdeologyMonarchial conservatism
Political positionLeft-wing
House of Representatives
1 / 10
Party flag

(claimed by Government)

The Monarchial Conservative Party or Monarchist Party, the original party was founded in 2016, but was in exile. It was restarted by a Quebecois politician, and Baustralian journalist sir Hankery Jenkinson. As a Monarchist party in Quebec, they do not have any strong ties to any of the other parties in Quebec, because of the members are trying to turn the nation in to a Monarchy, which is not favored by most parties. The party's opposition is the Fascist Party of Quebec and the Socialist Party of Quebec, who's parties are both in favor of staying a republic.


The party was founded on 6 February 2019 after the January government change, and was shut down 8 April 2019 as per the Monarchist Party scandal.