Succession Law (Modifications) Act (2017)

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Succession Law (Modifications) Act
Royal coat of arms of Baustralia (Variant 2).svg
Long titleThe Act to allow His Most Gracious Majesty to amend the succession law to bar sibling and ancestors
Introduced byOffice of the Monarch of Baustralia
Territorial extentThe  Baustralian Commonwealth
Royal assent12 February 2018
Status: Repealed

Succession Law (Modifications) Act', formerly the Modification Act to the Succession Law of Baustralia (1 John 1 c. 3) is an act of Parliament which was passed without a passing in parliament due to an error in the Constitution Act, 2017.

It states that due to charges laid on Katelynn, she is unable to ascend to the throne. Also, due to concerns about Thier Royal Highnesses the King Parents not considering Baustralia a sovereign state, but rather just considering it as Canadian, and the United States territory.

The loophole the monarch used was the fact that the constitution didn't dictate whether a bill needed to be passed by parliament. This led to a rather absolute-monarchy type reign, and a new constitution is being written to fix this problem.

The line of succession is limited to the Duke of Cascadia, and ends there.

First The Duke of Cascadia
First in line

If the King were to have a child named John, for example, the succession line would look like this.

First Prince John of Baustralia
First in line
The Duke of Cascadia
Second in line


The Repeal Act, 2018 was passed by the 2nd Parliament of Baustralia, in an effort to rebuild all of the flawed acts of parliament. It was the first act passed by the Parliament, and included this bill. It was replaced by a bill of the same name, Modification Act to the Succession Law of Baustralia, 2018 (2 John 1 c. 4).