Succession Law (Modifications) Act (2018)

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Succession Law (Modifications) Act
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Long titleAn Act to modify the Succession Law of Baustralia to disallow any kin, less descendants of John I, from reigning over Baustralia
Citation2 John 1 c. 4
Introduced byJohn Timpson, Prime Minister of Baustralia
Territorial extentThe  Baustralian Empire
Royal assent24 June 2018
Status: Repealed

Succession Law (Modifications) Act, 2018 (2 John 1 c. 4) is an act of Parliament which was passed as a replacement to a former Act. The former states that due to charges laid on Katelynn, she is unable to ascend to the throne. Also, due to concerns about Their Royal Highnesses the King Parents not considering Baustralia a sovereign state, but rather just considering it as Canadian and United States territory, they shall not reign either.



WHEREAS His Most Excellent Majesty wishes to keep the throne of Baustralia alive, His Most Gracious Majesty wishes to bar anyone who is not a descendant of His Majesty from reigning.

This Act shall be known as Modification Act to the Succession Law of Baustralia, 2018.

Provisions of this Act referring to His Majesty the King extend also to the Heirs and Successors of His Majesty, Kings and Queens of the Kingdom of Baustralia.

Affected acts

An Act to Replace the current Constitution of Baustralia, section 6, titled “Succession law” shall be amended to read “The succession to the throne of Baustralia shall follow male preference primogeniture. Kin, less descendants of John I, shall be barred from reigning over Baustralia.”

Also, a new section shall be added, following section 7, stating “If an heir is not able to be found, then the Kingdom shall be given to Sir John Stewart Timpson.”


This act shall be followed and is a successor of the repealed “Modifications to the Succession law of Baustralia (HM-PPU-001).”