Ministry of Military Affairs (Shireroth)

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==Ministry of Military Affairs (MoMA)==

(From 2005)

The Ministry (obviously) handles the military of Shireroth. This includes both forum warfare and fictional (Recreational) warfare. However, as forum warfare has become more unfeasible today, the Ministry has focused more on fictional warfare. Shireroth participates, in the Shireroth/Natopia/Antica RecWar League (SNARL), a recreational warfare organization that organizes the usually discordant instability in recreational warfare, while still encouraging literary quality.

The Ministry of Military Affairs also controls the Jasonian Aeronautics and Space Organization (Which previously was called the Department of Research Capabilities, and ASTRO, and was literally stolen from the Flying Islands of Jasonia), an organization that designs the technology of the Shirerothian military, as well the study and exploration of the Atos System, the solar system in which the planet Micras dwells in.

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