Ministry of Defense (Streshia)

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Ministry of Defense
Ministręja ęz Źdonjeтan
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Ministry overview
Formed28 December 2017
JurisdictionRepublic of Streshia
Pratka Oblast
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
  • None
Child agencies

The Ministry of Defense in Streshia is responsible for the management of the armed forces and the attached programs and organizations. The Ministry of Defense handles conscription and mobilization of conscripts as well.


The Ministry of Defense was formed on 28 December 2017 along with the other ministries in the nation soon after its founding. Only days later, a minister was placed into power. The selected minister was Samuel Riker. Brother of Prime Minister Jacob Riker.

Child Agencies

Streshian Army

The Streshian Army is one of two child agencies of the Ministry of Defense. The Streshian Army is divided into reserves and active duty with 2 reservists and 4 active duty soldiers. All soldiers are currently volunteers. The Streshian Army is headquartered in Pratka.

Streshian Navy

The Streshian Navy is one of two child agencies of the Ministry of Defense. The Streshian Navy currently only has 1 sailor. However, the Streshian Navy is looking to expand its numbers in the near future to help man its 9 boats ranging from landing craft to a frigate.


Streshia has conscription through the National Defense Act, however conscription has never been activated. Though activation of conscription has nearly occurred on more than one occasion where high command was mulling it over due to the possibility of a large scale conflict.