Ministry of Defense (Streshia)

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Ministry of Defense
Ministręja ęz Źdonjeтan
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Ministry overview
Formed28 December 2017
JurisdictionDecentralized Republic of Streshia
HeadquartersStreshian Palace,
Westminster London
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
  • None
Child agencies

The Ministry of Defense in Streshia is responsible for the management of the armed forces and the attached programs and organizations. The Ministry of Defense handles conscription and mobilization of conscripts as well.


The Ministry of Defense was formed on 28 December 2017 along with the other ministries in the nation soon after its founding. Only days later, a minister was placed into power. The selected minister was Samuel Riker. Brother of Prime Minister Jacob Riker. On the 28th of November 2020 the Decentralized Republic of Streshia Named one of its Capitals Streshi. On an undisclosed date in 2021 The land for Streshi Will be purchased. It is the FIRST of many of its capitals.

Child Agencies

Streshian Army

The Streshian Army is one of o child agencies of the Ministry of Defense. The Streshian Army is divided into reserves and active duty with 1 reservists and 1 active duty soldiers. All soldiers are currently Robotic volunteers. The Streshian Army is headquartered in Pratka.

Robo-command unit 1

Robo-command unit 1 takes part in many covert humanity missions around the World. such as freeing unjustly imprisoned prisoners in foreign lands. They are the Peace Makers. They are Paxful

Streshian SpaceForce



Streshia has conscription through the National Defense Act, however conscription has never been activated. Though activation of conscription has nearly occurred on more than one occasion where high command was mulling it over due to the possibility of a large scale conflict.

Streshian Language

The Streshian citizens have Neuralink Technology. With this technology our citizens are all able to communicate telepathically anywhere in the world. Currently, Many Mammals, Homosapians, and Robots have the ability to become citizens. However, The selection process can be Rigorous.

Streshian Navy

Our Navy consists of 0 emission Sinot's. Each Sinot has its own personal Rocket attachment and drone Launch-bay instead of helipad. The first Sinot is due to be built and produced in 2014. It is being sold to Prince Steven. The Sinot Aqua is the first of the Streshian Navy. it is powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells. In the 2030's another version of the Streshian Military will be built. That Sinot will be powered by the designs of an engine that is being held up in this picture...

Streshian Entity Registry

On 22,01,2021 The Streshian Order was developed by the Streshian Spaceforce and is the governing body for all territories outside of earths atmosphere. You are now able to register legal entities within the Streshain order. In order to do so, simply enter it here including mission vision and address.... Our team will assign you with register number.

Streshian Legal entity type:

Charity: 01/22/2021 STRESHI TTTP Charity (Streshian Palace) Buckingham Palace Westiminster, London SW1A 1AA License Granted. Charity Reg # 1

Technology Venture: 01/22/2021 Bussard Technologies LTD (Streshian Palace) Buckingham Palace Westiminster, London SW1A 1AA License Granted. Company Reg #: 1

here is a guide to building a entity: Check if setting up a limited company is right for you , Hide this section Check what a private limited company is How you set up your business depends on what sort of work you do. It can also affect the way you pay tax and get funding.

Check if you should set up as one of the following instead:

self-employed ('sole trader') a business partnership a social enterprise an overseas company an unincorporated association Get help deciding how to set up your business Step2: Choose a name , Show this section Step3: Choose directors and a company secretary , Show this section Step4: Decide who the shareholders or guarantors are , Show this section and Identify people with significant control (PSC) over your company , Show this section Step5: Prepare documents agreeing how to run your company , Show this section Step6: Check what records you'll need to keep , Show this section Step7: Register your company , Hide this section

Streshian Citizenship Registry

On 22,01,2021 The Streshian Order Gave everyone on earth the ability to apply for Streshian Citizenship. Systems are currently being built for this... however in order to apply the individual must buy 100000 Streshi tokens...To do this you must send etherium To this address: 0x189e67d041FDCA9Eb0887E6e461e13680a1172Fc Once the amount is sent a certain amount of STR tokens will come back to your origination address at that point Come back to this page and Note the payment Tx ID here: Also note your mailing address so our Citizenship department can send you your New Passport. and id... This process is sill being developed. So please, be apart of the development

On 20,07,21 the Streshian Order passed the first law into cogress making mandatory for all citizens to do Blood Donations at least 3 out of 4 times a year. No matter where, when and how they are, they must give a blood donation or they risk loosing their citizenship Deposit.

On this date a Sprem and reproductive tissue draft was initiated.. All citizens Under the age of 13 i.e Puberty must undergo sperm or egg donations via a third party clinic/agency. this agency must be selected by the draftee and approved by the Streshian order... Via It is also mandated that the agency they choose keep biological material of the citizen as reserve for the Streshian citizen donor... The Streshian order has a strict vetting process. For vetting such Agencies...

If the draftee is unable to Donate reproductive material at the age of puberty they risk the cancelation of their citizenship.. and loosing their deposit only "if" they do not correspond with the streshain order prior... If they are unable to donate they "must" Register for

If Citizens or Draftees are unable to give a blood donation or go through Puberic drafting from the age of 13-18, and have made their appeal the Streshain order They are mandated to register with and stay within The regions Covered by Or//// ie similar type programs..

Nomater where the Steshian Citizen is in the world. they will be awarded Streshi Tokens Per donation, Whether it be blood donation, Reproductive Tissue Donation, Or any other biological Donation... Proof Of Donation Must be shared in order to receive Streshi.

On 20,07,21 the Streshian Order Also Launched The "Interdimensional And InterSpace Spy Program" Any person, Whether it be a Streshian Or non Streshian Citizen, Can Become An Interdimensional Space Spy. We have Intensive Training. However one can simply opt in to the program... You can send Intel to the Streshian order.. If the order Deems The intel as worthy and valid, the space spay will improve in rank. and will be awarded with Streshi tokens.

Intel needs to be "Real World intel" OR Interdimension intel. We are interested in Technology trade secrets, Intel Other Country plans. Fake "News" financial opportunities without harm.

The more valuable the intel, the more Streshi tokens that will be awarded.