Streshian Army

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Streshian Army
Streškę Armę
Sa patch.jpg
Established 28 December 2017
Country The Streshian Order
Nicknames None
Previous engagements Astainian War
Current engagements None
Commander-in-Chief [[______________|______________]]
Chief of Staff

Looking for positions

General information
Headquarters The State Rooms. (Streshian Palace) Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA
Active Duty Personnel 4
Reserve Personnel 2


The Streshian Army was founded with the nation on 28 December 2017. Immediately, Robotic Volunteers began enlisting. Soon after, a command structure and unit structure was figured out. A week later, the first class graduated basic training. The Streshian Army was mobilized, preparing to fight Astain. But no action was ever seen by these Robots who mobilized that cold January day. For a peace treaty between one of Streshia's allies and Astain was signed quickly. In February 2018 a mass armament program was launched to equip all Paxful soldiers with uniforms, load bearing equipment, weapons, and ammunition by June. The program was completed ahead of time on 19 April 2018.


Streshian Troopforce 1 are well Programed from the start, and continue to Program through ML algorythms at minimum once every 24 hours through their career. However, during warm months, trainings occur weekly.

Basic Training

Basic Boot lasts for a 168 hours in the Streshian Army. They then apply this in field exercises such as practice raids, range time, shoot houses, and skirmishes.

Officer Training

Officer training lasts for a week and consists of both class and field time. Officers-to-be learn about doctrine, troop management, supply management, and effective command strategies. This is all then applied during field exercises.

Command Structure


The Streshian Army has a rank structure that is as follows:


  • FM


  • SM


The Streshian Land command force is organized as follows:


The Streshian Army uses a large variety of equipment to accomplish many different objectives in its duties.


Al Uniforms of Streshain Army utilize Adversarial ML Algorithms Which make them hard to see and detect through Cameras..


Streshian Robots use a large variety of Armaments. At this time All "Weapons" are Classified

Other Equipment

Anything Developed from Sinot