Military of NottaLotta Acres

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NottaLottan Military
Active 4 August 2009 –present
Country NottaLotta Acres
Role National Security


General Commander in Chief Pope Pompous the Last
President of the Military Chancellor Son IV
Lieutenant General, Aide-de-Camp Son III
Military Symbol NottaLottan State Guard.jpg
Military Colors NLMTricolor banner.jpg

The NottaLottan Military is the main defense force and law enforcement arm of NottaLotta Acres. The military's active duties are overseen by the President of the Military, Chancellor Son IV.


The NottaLottan Military is comprised of citizens of NottaLotta Acres, with non-residential citizens comprising the Expeditionary Corps. All members of the NLM, with the exception of non-residents, are given a rank in the NLM. The three, current members of government are given a permanent rank; Pope Pompous the Last has the rank of General Commander in Chief, as he assumes ultimate control of the military in whole. Son III is directly below him at Lieutenant General when the General Commander in Chief is not present on the field of battle, and Aide-de-Camp when he is present. Chancellor Son IV has the rank of President of the Military, the duties of whose rank include supervising the execution of orders from the General, procuring men and arms, and directly overseeing the Expeditionary Corps.

Expeditionary Corps

This is the offensive wing of the NLM, has a higher budget than any other element of the military, due to its special capabilities. It facilitates all non-resident members of the military, and is headed by Secretary Secretariat Son III, though it is directed by the President of the Military Son IV.


The uniforms of the NottaLottan Military are separated into the following categories: dress uniform, field uniform, and camouflage uniform. The dress uniform is used primarily for formal occasions, but may be used in the field. The field uniform is used for battlefield locations and purposes, and is generally less formal than the dress uniform. Camouflage uniforms are the designated clothing for continuous operations on a strategic level.