Mikrá Elláda

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Mikrá Elláda
  Capital of Cimbrun  

Country Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun
Polis Mikrá Elláda
Founded February 21st, 2021
Founder Alexandros I Irikladis
 - Head of State, Royalist Party Leader Alexandros I Irikladis
 - Total 4
Demonym Mikroéllines
Time zone CST
Cimbrunese Postal Code ME

Mikrá Elláda is a Polis within, and the capital city of Cimbrun. It is also home to the Royal Family and the Royal Pets, which consists of three dogs and two cats. It is the source of all offline Cimbrunese activity.


Mikrá Elláda is modern Greek for "Minor Hellas". The name was used because Cimbrunese culture is largely similar to ancient Greek culture, thus making it a smaller-scale Greece.


Mikrá Elláda was founded in 2020, claiming a small apartment the Basileus and his family lived in. In April or May of 2021, the family purchased a house with a few acres of land, and as such the claim was migrated there. It has been the site of many different historical occasions in Cimbrun, such as the start and end of the Hellenic incarnation, the signing of numerous alliances, and the start and end of the Ozark Conflict.


Mikrá Elláda is a melting pot, largely consisting of Hellenistic, American, and Pakistani cultures.

News within Mikrá Elláda, as well as the area in which it is located, is released through the Cimbrun Tribune, a currently state-owned media site with plans to expand into a YouTube channel.