Micronational Independent World Scouting Organization (MIWSO)

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Name Founded Emblem Neckerchiefs Membership Micronation Location
Federación de Escultismo en Millania
3 Member Organisations;
Asociación de Guías Scouts de Millania
Asociación Scouts de Millania
Asosiación de Scouts Navales de Millania
14 July 2019 FEM.png 4 Union of Millania and New Granada Hong Kong
Scouts Misberia 1 May 2019 Misberian Scouting.png Misberian Necker.png 5 United Kingdoms of Misberia and Caloudonum Maine and Nova Scotia
Hrafnarfjallian Scouting Association 15 January 2019 HSA.png 1 Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall Minnesota
Association of Atovian Scouts Atovian Scouting.png Kingdom of Atovia Ohio