Micronational Broadcasting Union (2013)

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Micronational Broadcasting Union
Type Broadcaster
Availability World Wide
Founding Nation Republic of Caladonia
Key people Bradley Booth, President
Established June 27, 2013 (as MBU)
Motto Unity through Diversity
Caladonian Broadcasting Agency (CBA)
Strathan Broadcasting Network (SBN)
Commonwealth News Network (C.N.N)
Stykrian Government Media (SGM)
Tamang Trip TV
Teılıfís na Prıstınne (TnaP)
Alethan Public Broadcasting (APB)
Lundian Broadcasting Agency(LBA)

The Micronational Broadcasting Union is a union between micronational broadcasters such as the Caladonian Broadcasting Agency Caladonia, also known by the acronym MBU. It was established by the CBA in order to connect with other broadcasting networks micronationally. However, there is some sort of controversy on which MBU is the real one, with another organisation, under the same name, claiming to have been established before this one. However, the President of the MBU has confiremed there have been many MBU's before the apparent "original" was created that are now defunct.


Microvision Song Contest

The MBU plans to host a intermicronational music competition (Microvision). Which is currently in the planning stage.

Caladonian bid.jpg The Republic of Caladonia's bid to host this years Microvision

Microvision.png The current Microvision logo.

Microvision 2013.jpg Proposed Microvision logo.


The MBU's duties are:

  • To Provide Quality: Entertainment, News and Music to the citizens we serve.
  • To promote a family friendly entertainment to the micronational world.
  • To report news fairly and without bias.
  • To promote and share micronations content.