Global Micronational Alliance

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Global Micronational Alliance
Intermicronational organisation
GMA.png Flag

Physical Headquarters Somcow, 9 Federation

Online Headquarters Micronational Alliance (Discord Server)

Official language English.

Membership 9 Members; 5 Security Council, 4 Main Council.

Chair Tony Sweigart
Supreme Justice Nicolás Millán

– Foundation 25 November 2018
– Constitution ratified TBD
- Implementation of current Charter 23 December 2018

Official Website

The Global Micronational Alliance (Abbreviated as GMA) is a democratic group of micronations, who strive to perform peaceful negotiations, learn about other micronations, and teach others about their own.


The Micronational Alliance was founded on the 25 November 2018, with the original 8 members. After restructuring, the organisation reformed into the Global Micronational Alliance.



The assemblies in the GMA are the General Assembly and the Advisory Council.

The General Assembly are made up of heads of the assembly, such like a parliament, they are the people who go to meetings and vote on decisions made by the Advisory, Supreme Justice, Vice Chair and Chair, they also help protect each others nation in the assembly.

The Advisory Council are made up of heads of the advisory council, they are the people who accept or deny micronations who apply.


The first and current Chairman is Tony S. of the 9 Federation. He was elected on the 10th of December 2018, but between the 9th and 10th Lord Jack of Essexia was briefly Chairman.

Vice Chairman

Supreme Justice

The first and current Supreme Justice is Nicolás Millán.


There are currently 11 members of the MA.

Full Members