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Thank you very much to everyone donating to keep MicroWiki online! However large or small the amount, every penny helps. As a wiki, MicroWiki is a community project, and would not exist without its users. By donating to the server costs, you are directly supporting the wiki itself on a fundamental technical level: it is vital support, for which the other admins and I are very grateful. Many thanks!

— Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia and Owner of MicroWiki

List of Patreon Supporters

Patron Pledge Per Month[note 1] Patreon Tier
User:DukeBearPeninsula $15.00 Tier 3 — Oldguard
User:Artlara $10.00 Tier 3 — Oldguard
User:Mekniy $10.00 Tier 3 — Oldguard
User:Swena $10.00 Tier 3 — Oldguard
User:Jaydenfromcanada $5.00 Tier 2 — Midguard
User:Mh06941 $5.00 Tier 2 — Midguard
Tesa Soon-na $5.00 Tier 2 — Midguard
User:Wikination $5.00 Tier 2 — Midguard
User:Phunanon $2.00 Tier 1 — Newguard
User:TheShinji69 $2.00 Tier 1 — Newguard


  1. Please note that Patreon recieves 8% of all monthly pledges.