Micheals I

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Micheal I Ministry
3rd ministry of Iustus
800px-Iustus CoA.png
Date formed 23 November 18
Date dissolved Present
People and organizations
Head of government Jordan Micheals
Head of state Austin I
Member party Democracy Party
Iustus Now
Status in legislature Coalition
Opposition party Faire Party of Iustus
Opposition leader Andrew Irons
Election(s) none
Outgoing election November 2018 Iustian General Election
Legislature term(s) 1st Iustian Parliament
Previous Millan I
Successor Present

The Micheals Ministry, formed by Jordan Micheals, is the 3rd government of Iustus. It was formed after Jordan Micheals became Prime Minister following the November 2018 general election.


Position Name Term
Prime Minister Jordan Micheals 23 November 2018 - present
Chancellor Lord Patrick 23 November 2018 - present
Minister of the Interior Sierra Babado 23 November 2018 - present
Minister of foreign affairs Austin Jaax 18 June 2018 - present
Minister of Immigration and Tourism Thomas Sky 23 November 2018 - present
Minister of Justice Lord Nicolas 14 January 2019 - present
Leader of the Opposition Andrew Irons 3 December 2018 - present