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McMillan is a permanent territory of the Free State of Albion.


McMillan has previously been part of the Republic of Taigh a Bata and the United Kingdom.

As part of Taigh a Bata, McMillan was known as the State of La Ferme and the Second Capital State of Taigh a Bata. After the mysterious downfall of Taigh a Bata, McMillan was designated as a permanent territory of the Free State of Albion.


McMillan borders openly with the United Kingdom, with no indoor border areas. Electricity is currently supplied from Britain, therefore all residents of McMillan are also British tax payers.

The territory itself consists of a large shed, a chicken compound, a pet cemetery and the land that they are placed on.

Culture and Language

McMillan is influenced by English and Scottish culture, in addition to alternative cultures and movements. McMillan is also home to Scarwood's Anti-Social Club, a club specialising in film screenings and alcohol production.

McMillan is linguistically diverse. English is the dominant language, and the Taigh a Batan and Tìk'ìnponguli'fya languages are also understood within the territory.