Matthew Pconja

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Matthew Pconja

M. Pconja was sworn into office at the Acadame North General Assembly on 25 June 1999. After forming the Acadame North Liberation organization [than Koroska] he gathered people with the same believe to form a nation. M. Pconja was well educated and came from a Roman Catholic family. The Premier has visited over 20 different nations and has promoted helping the poor in the Caribbean. A high ranking government official tried to overthrow him but the National Police remained loyal and the traitor was detained. He is has just finished a book My Battle about his life and Acadame North, the premier has in the past funded the full national achieves. He currently runs a very successful business. When asked what bothers him most about Acadame North he said everyone thinks Acadame North is based on a school because of the word Acadame which is misinterpreted as Academy.

Short Biography by the National Youth Class 2002


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