Martin K. Madsen

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The Right Honourable
Martin K. Madsen
At the Prime Ministers Office, 2013
1st Prime Minister of Democratic Republic of Nobel
Assumed office
March 15, 2008
Predecessor Office established
Personal information
Born 1986
Citizenship Nobelian
Nationality Technically Danish
Residence DR Nobel

Martin K. Madsen (born 1986) is the democratically elected Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Nobel and have been so since early 2008 when he was a co-founder of the ruling Nobel Party.

His rule has caught the attention of international observers that desribes the handling of affairs in DR Nobel as "undemocratic" and some even calling DR Nobel an "iron-fist dictatorship". The government of DR Nobel, however, dismisses all allegations of irregularities in regard to the nation's infamous 2010 election in which the ruling Nobel Party secured over 91% of the votes.

Opinion polls in DR Nobel continuously rates the Prime Minister with approval ratings round 98%.