Mandatory Rishania

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Mandatory Rishania
Flag of Mandatory Rishania
Coat of arms of Mandatory Rishania
Coat of arms
Motto: يحيا لنا (Arabic: Long live us)
• Monarch
Cameron I
• High Commissioner
Kareem Risha
Mandate assigned
• Ikonia assumes control
11 January 2019
• Red revolution starts
18 February 2019‎
• Rishania becomes provisional
25 April 2019
• Rishania becomes dominion
12 October 2019

Mandatory Rishania was an Ikonian mandate after the Ikonian claimation of Kareem Risha's house by consent. As it was mandated, by law it was able to return to its prior state, upon request of the High Commissioner.[1]


The mandate for Kareem Risha's house was a suggestion of the King, however it was going to be its own micronation on the behalf of the King creating the assets for it, however Risha declined and when suggested become a High Commissioner, he accepted.

The Red Revolution was a short-lived protest in Rishania ordering a change of the coat of arms and flags colors. The protesters later established a motto, يحيا لنا (In Arabic meaning: Long live us). The Revolution was accepted as a free-speech movement by the King, who later administered the changes without Kareem Risha's knowledge.


The only medals for the Mandate is the Order of Mandatory Rishania, that was given for the foundation, which is now no longer given, and the Order of the Red Revolution, which was given to protesters involved and administration of Rishania.

Date given Ribbon bar Name Awarded at
12 January 2019 – 17 February 2019 Ribbon bar of Mandatory Rishania.svg Order of Mandatory Rishania Mandatory Rishania
17 February 2019 – 12 October 2019 Ribbon bar of the Red Revolution.svg Order of the Red Revolution Mandatory Rishania