Malinovia v. Micronational Assembly

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Malinovia v Micronational Assembly was a intermicronational court case in which the State of Malinovia's monarch, Addison Dillon, accused the leadership of the Micronational Assembly of violating the Charter, depriving the Malinovian delegation's right to a fair trial and prosecution without due process of law.

The trial has been largely disgraced throughout the MicroWiki sector and beyond for being "petty" and "childish".


In the events leading up to the trial, the monarch of Malinovia, Addison Dillon, was being insulted in the general room of the Micronational Assembly's Discord server after posting a "laughable" image of himself. In response, Dillon filed suit against the Council of the Micronational Assembly, claiming that their leadership does not serve their intended purpose of making sure that all member states were happy and safe, and that they didn't protect the member nations from harassment under the Charter. The Deputy Judge of the MA, Randy Balsé, rejected the case stating that it was "irrelevant" and "not an international court of human rights". In response, Dillon again filed suit against the Micronational Assembly for failing to address his right to a fair trial and due process of law.


Dillon hired a lawyer from the Lenlo Law Firm to take his case, and the trial began. Balsé again dismissed the case explaining that since there was no case to begin with, he wasn't entitled to a second one. During the trial, Dillon repeatedly requested a new judge take his case, citing bias, but this was rejected by Balsé.


Dillon claimed that his right to a fair trial was being suppressed. Balsé argued that there was no fair trial needed, as his punishment for Dillon was a court order and didn't warrant a trial.