Madelyn Blackberry

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The Right Honourable
Madelyn Blackberry
Prime Minister of Lilylandia
Assumed office
29 March 2021
Stadtholder Bailey von Hindenburg
Predecessor Office established
Assumed office
12 November 2020 - 11 March 2021
Governor General Bailey von Hindenburg
Predecessor Bailey von Hindenburg
Successor Office abolished
Personal Information
Birth name Madelyn Blackberry
Citizenship Lilylandian
Political party Conservative

Madeyln Blackberry is a Lilylandian politician and activist, currently serving as the Member of Parliament for Schlafburg. She is the current leader of the The Conservatives in Parliament. She was formerly the Chancellor of Liylandia and head of it's Democratic Party. Before she served as Leader of the Opposition. Her political leaning is centrist.

She is mostly famous for dating Bailey von Hindenburg, both of which are supposedly very close.

Personal Life

Blackberry is currently in a Romantic relationship with Bailey von Hindenburg. They are told to be very close.