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Micronational Federation of Economically Convergent International Imperial Fascist States

Order, Pride, Efficiency
Umplegrav, Umpleswich, NSROU
Official language(s)English, German, Other
Short nameMARVIN
GovernmentUnified Trading Bloc
- Secretary GeneralSecretary General Nathaniel Ridderikhoff
- Chairman GeneralChairman General Franklin L. Boboroski
- Chairman of the SubcommitteesChairman Fritz Umplemeyer
LegislatureUnified Far-Right Trading Bloc

The Micronational Federation of Economically Convergent International Imperial Fascist States is a Micronational Economic/Political Bloc founded on 5 April 2015. It supports far-right economic practices, helps to encourage competition between member companies, and assists in the coordination of economic affairs of member nations. All delegates are granted a seat in the MARVIN Council Chamber, a seat on one subcommittee, and also a seat in the National Socialist Republic of Ustandovesgrav's foreign house of government, the Meyerhausen. Current members are permitted to submit names of candidates for the consideration of the Chairman General without the need to apply formally. Once the 12 seat cap has been reached, the General Council will either replace members unable to fulfil their duties, or will raise the seating limit to 24. This, however, is unpopular with two of the fascist delegates, and therefore will most-likely remain static.

Current Political Environment

Available Seats: 12

Filled Seats: 4

Fascists: 3 of 4

Imperialists: 1 of 4

Independents: 0 of 4

Monarchists: 0 of 4

Other (Specified): 0 of 4

List of Subcommittees

Council of Agriculture

Council of Science and Technology

Council of Industry

Council of Economic Research

Council of Nautical Endeavours

Council of Engineering

Council of Trade

Council of Health

Council of Space Exploration

Council of Shipping

Chamber of Political Enrichment

Chamber of Commerce

Chamber 13 (Press-Releases NOT Available Upon Request)

List of Current Member Nations

National Socialist Republic of Ustandovesgrav

List of Delegates

Kaiser Franklin L. Boboroski (NSROU)(Chairman General)

The Right Honourable Nathaniel Ridderikhoff (NSROU)(Secretary General)

Lieutenant Fritz Umplemeyer (NSROU)(Chairman of Subcommittees)


Applications of Micronations to send a diplomat (or multiple, if the nation Imperial, and is thus comprised of smaller countries) to MARVIN can be requested from and sent to (NSROU Email)