Märket Democratic Republic

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The Märket Democratic Republic (Finnish: Märketin Demokraattinen Tasavalta) is a self-proclaimed sovereign territory and an island nation in the [[w:Baltic_Sea Baltic Sea]. Märket was established to fix the border with Finland and Sweden. The only building in Märket is a lighthouse built by Finns, wich caused a border dispute with Sweden. Märket also claims to own the island of Märketshällor. The country is named after the island it is located in. Märket's president is Börk Bergman (fake name). Märket's motto is "Mitä vittua?" (English: What the fuck), because that was Börk Bergman's reaction to seeing the old Finland-Sweden border in the Märket Island.

Märket Democratic Republic
Flag of Märket
Motto: Mitä vittua?
What the fuck?
Anthem: Ålänningens sång (Swedish) Ahvenanmaalaisten laulu (Finnish)
LocationBaltic Sea
CapitalMärket Island
Official languagesFinnish
Recognized languagesFinlandssvenska (Swedish)
GovernmentPresidential republic (de jure)
Dictatorship (de facto)
• President
Börk Bergman (fake name)
Establishment8.9 2022
• 2022 estimate
Picture of the Märket island showing the lighthouse


Borders that divided Märket between Finland and Sweden

Märket was established in 2022 to fix the ugly border between Finland and Sweden. Märket claims the island of Märketshällor.