Lyteran Language

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Native toKingdom of Lytera
Early forms
Modern English
  • Lyteran
Official status
Official language in
Lytera flag.png Kingdom of Lytera

Lyteran (Lyteran:: Ieteran) is a constructed language designed by HHRH King Alexander I in 2020.


Lyteran was made as a social test in Lytera to see how easy, or how hard it was to create a language and make it different enough from English without sounding like gibberish. It was partially based on Old Clubhausian, with Russian, Japanese and German elements thrown in.

The official lexicon of all words was to be made on the 17th of February.


The alphabet consists of 31 letters. The standard alphabetical order is the following:

A B Bl C Ch Cy D E Oe F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S Sz T U V X Y Yi Z
Letter Pronunciation Example of pronunciation
A ah apple
B be because
Bl blee bleep
C se sea
Ch ch check
Cy sigh cyhra
D de demon
E e evil
E eh eren
F fe feeble
G gai game
G gee geezer
H he hay
H ho hoot
I i eye
I ii icky
J jay james
J ju Jewish
K kay Okay
L el eleven
L le le
L lea leave
M m monster
N n never
O oh orange
P pee peter
Q kwe quesh
Q cue queue
Q kwi queen
R rah rasputin
R ree republic
S s sabaton
Sz sar tsar
T tee tea
T teh terra
T th the
T tu tough
U uh unbelieveable
V vee veto
X ex x-ray
Y wye why
Yi yee yeet
Z zo Zombie