Luke I of Takaeya

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Luke I
Emperor of Takaeya
Reign 14 September 2022 - Present
Coronation 14 September 2022
Predecessor Throne Established
Prime Minister Vacant
Era dates
14 September 2022 - Present
Royal House Takaeya
Religion Christian (Puritan)
Styles of
Luke I of Takaeya
Reference styleHis Imperial Majesty
Spoken styleYour Imperial Majesty
Alternative styleSir

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Luke I of Takaeya is a micronationalist, royal, statesman, politician and the first and current Emperor of Takaeya and founder of the Empire of Takaeya.

Personal life

Luke was born in the United Kingdom in the early 2000s. Born into a multi-religious household, Luke identifies with the Puritan denomination of Christianity. Politically he identifies as a conservative in some form as well as a monarchist, and always tries to serve in the interests of the groups he works with.

Luke is a competent German speaker and is also learning Russian.

Micronational career


Luke is the founder of the Empire of Takaeya, he is seen as the Father of the Empire and the father of his dynasty. A large amount of modern Takaeya can be accredited to Luke. As the nation's founder and absolute monarch, he always works to support the nation in whatever way he can.


Titles, Styles, Honours and Arms

Titles and Styles

Since 14 September 2022 - His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Takaeya

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