Luciania Nationale Gendarmerie

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Luciania Nationale Gendarmerie
Emblem of the LNG
Motto:To Protect, To Honor, To Serve!
March [1]Alte Kamderaden
Established December 2, 2012
Country Parliamentary Republic of Luciania, St. Luke and Amager
Nicknames Die Jägers (The Hunters)
Branches Gendarmerie,Luft Korps, Marine Korp
Commander-in-Chief Sebastian Schriber
Minister of Defense Johanna Keltrak
General information
Headquarters Kostenburg, Luciania
Active personnel 17
Standard weapon Heckler & Koch G3
Assault weapon Heckler & Koch MP5K (Schriber Int. Version)

The Luciania Nationale Gendarmerie or commonly abreviated as LNG, is the current security force of Luciania. The LNG consists of 17 conscripted personnel armed with Schriber Int. MP5Ks and H&K G3s.