List of Sports MicroGames tournaments

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Host Nation Year Logo Host City
New Paprous 2000 New Paprous 2000 logo.jpeg Frivile
Sigland 2001 N/A
Caonia 2002; Cancelled due to Caonia being defunct N/A None
Ünie 2004 Ünie 2004 logo.png New Murph
Almaigne 2005; Cancelled due to the Ünie-Almaigne War Almaigne 2012 logo.jpeg
Communist Dictatorship of Botswana 2006 Communist Dictatorship of Botswana 2006 logo.jpeg
Meezegall 2007 Meezegall 2007 logo.jpeg
Ünie 2008 Ünie 2008 logo.jpeg Ti'si
Land van de Hemel 2010 Land van de Hemal 2010.jpeg
Süncu 2012; Cancelled due to Süncu being inactive Süncu 2012 logo.jpeg
Sipuli 2013 Sipuli 2013 logo.jpeg Wogleed
Ünie 2014 New Murph
Land van de Hemel 2017 Land van de Hemal 2017.jpeg