List of ROTA states and territories

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The Republic of the Auxarcs currently has 14 states. All of these states were previously claimed by the Republic of Alomorie, as territories consisting of all of Boone County, Arkansas. During the time that it was claimed by the ROA, Boone County had only been split up into its individual townships, and not states. Now, The Republic of the Auxarcs has claimed that former land, and has formally turned those townships into partial-status states. Below is a list of the states of the Republic of the Auxarcs.

States of the Republic of the Auxarcs
Flag Name Governor Party Number in Counsel Population Capital Cities
Carrolton (CL) A.J Womack (R) 6 ~374 Alpena
  • Alpena
Elixir (EX) Danny Farmer (R) 12 ~450 Bergman
  • Bergman
  • Willis
  • Zinc
Fullton (FN) None None 12 ~1,000 Batavia
  • Batavia
  • Capps
Gaither (GT) None None 1 ~787 Gaither
  • Gaither
Hilltop (HT) None None 1 ~192 Hilltop
  • Hilltop
Larue (LR) Jerry Jackson (R) 13 ~13,195 Harrison
  • Harrison (North)
  • Harrison (South)
Lee (LE) None None 1 ~1,867 Bear Creek Springs
  • Bear Creek Springs
  • Hopewell
Long Creek (LC) None None 1 ~902 Burlington
  • Burlington
Olvey (OV) Terry Crow (R) 6 ~440 Olvey
  • Olvey
  • Bellefont (East)
  • Valley Springs (East)
  • Everton
Omaha (OH) Leslie King (R) 6 ~2,267 Omaha
  • Omaha
  • New Hope
  • Self
Sugarloaf (SL) Jaime Nuessner (D) 11 ~2,320 Diamond City
  • Diamond City
  • Lead Hill
  • South Lead Hill
Ulrane (UR) Joe Hefley (R) 6 ~302 Bellefont
  • Bellefont (West)
  • Valley Springs (West)
  • Little Flock
  • Union


Larry Milton* (R) 6 ~1,240 Ridgedale
  • Ridgedale


Glenn Elliot, Jr. (D) 6 ~121,104 Wheeling
  • Wheeling
  • Moundsville
  • Follansbee
  • Chester
  • Weirton
  • Larry Milton is the Mayor of Branson, MO. He has jurisdiction over Ridgedale.


The Republic of the Auxarcs currently has 10 territories, below is a list of all of them:

Flag Name Acquired Population Capital (If any) Cities
Motuckisee 0 None None
Navassa Island 0 None
None Jarvis Island 0 None
Buritweer Island 0 None
Canvas Island 0 None
Gunnel Island 0 None
None Northwest Gunnel Island 0 None
None Alpena Province ~384 Alpena
  • Alpena
None Bull Shoals Province ~1,944 Bull Shoals
  • Bull Shoals
None Western Grove Province ~348 Western Grove
  • Western Grove