Liberal Party of Abrus

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Liberal Party of Abrus
Founded January 2nd, 2016
Headquarters Adelaide, Anastasia
Newspaper None
Student wing College Liberals
Youth wing Young Liberals of Abrus
Women's Wing Liberal Women of Abrus
Overseas Wing Liberals Overseas
Membership  (2016) 3
Ideology Protectionism, Socialism, Social Liberalism, Modern Liberalism
Official colors      Purple
Seats in the National Council
0 / 4

The liberal party of Abrus founded in 2016 by Tyler Cavanaugh. The Liberal party of Abrus focuses on Things like Socialism, Monarchism, Protectionism, Social Liberalism, and Modern Liberalism.


The Liberal Party of Abrus was founded 2 January 2016 by Tyler Cavanaugh.

Name and Symbols

The Liberal Party is the name chosen for the party, at first after the liberal views of the Democratic Party of the United States of America. After then it became more than just the liberal views of USA but the liberal views of the Abranian people

There is no official symbols at the time except for the Party logo, which is sure to be changed in the future.


The liberal views of the party include: Monarchism, Protectionism, Social Liberalism, Modern Liberalism, and socialism.