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Main grammatical use

Ledilish is the official language of the Principality of Ledilia and one of the newest neo italian languages, made up of few rules and a base gave from the Dialetto Ledile gives the Ledilish some more spicies.

Vocal rules

Ledilish is composed of the English Alphabet but with few more words.

LE - "li"

DE - "di"

IA - "IE"

This are the few words, now moving to ledilish main rules:

Words ending with "a" gets an "h" near the end; example: "Vigna -> Vignha", The "h" is an I ("e" in English).

All words containing "c" are placed with "k".

Those are the main words, Ledilish is based off Italian.

An addictional change is that all words ending with "e" drops the "e" and adds "IAE".

That's all.

See also

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Thank you.