League and Commonwealth of Durham Micronations

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League and Commonwealth of Durham Micronations (L.C.D.M.)
Flag of lcdm.PNGLCDM Coat of Arms.PNG

Durham, United Kingdom
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameLCDM, Commonwealth, Durham Commonwealth
- ChairmanJames O'Connell Nash
LegislatureL.C.D.M. International Forum
EstablishedApril 5, 2018
Population25 (Approximate de facto population)
CurrencyPound Sterling (de facto)
Time zoneGMT

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The League and Commonwealth of Durham Micronations is an organisation consisting of 2 members and an observer, which emulates the League of Nations and Commonwealth of Nations. It serves diplomatic purposes as well as sporting purposes for the Durham Commonwealth Games. Currently, the only members are the British Empire and the Free Democratic People's Soviet Socialist Republic of Jocistan, and Sholand is an observer. It is known informally in the British Empire simply as 'the Commonwealth'.


The LCDM lacks structure, as it intends for members to vote on the structure. It currently consists of a Court of Mediation to resolve diplomatic issues, a forum, a Commonwealth games which has not yet taken place, and a scheme for agreeing on exchange rates.

The Commonwealth has stated that it will not have introduce any laws other than human rights laws, which it currently does not have. This is in order to avoid becoming an EU-like institution which can be viewed as too federalised.

Commonwealth Games

The Durham Commonwealth games is a sporting event designed to mimic the Commonwealth Games. It has not yet taken place. The confirmed sports are: Snooker, Pool, Durham Javelins, Table Tennis, Longsword Sparring, and Golf.