Latitudia Holdings

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Latitudia Holdings, Inc.
Type Incorporated business
Founded 11 March 2016
Founder(s) Latitudian High Council
Headquarters Friedenheim, Latitudia
Area served Latitudia
Owner(s) Republic of Latitudia
Employees 5

Latitudia Holdings, Inc. was incorporated by the Latitudian High Council on 11 March 2016 in Latitudia after the announcement of the creation of the intermicronational currency Micronational Dollar. The function of the company is to act as the state's controlling authority towards the Micronational Dollar and its market. Since most hands-on governmental functions in Latitudia is executed through fully owned companies, the Council transfered ownership of all of them, to centralize the administration to a much prefered platform.


The company is fully owned by the Latitudian state, and is operated by the Latitudian High Council.