Languages of Vryland

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At least ten languages are spoken in Vryland, four of which have some sort of official recognition throughout the nation: The official languages, Afrikaans and English, and the minority languages, Scots and Spanish. English is the native language of the majority of the population, and is the de facto primary language used in government activities, though Afrikaans is equal in legal status.

Afrikaans and English were the only officially recognised languages from the nation's establishment until 15 December 2018. Esperanto was added as a recognised minority language on that day. It was removed in favour of Scots on 22 January 2019. Spanish was added as a recognised minority language on 23 April 2019.

Languages at the national level

Vryland has four languages which have official recognition throughout the nation. The official languages and the other two being the recognised minority languages.

Official languages

The two official languages of Vryland are Afrikaans and English. Both enjoy equal legal status throughout the nation, though English is more commonly spoken and is the de facto primary language used in government activities.

Recognised minority languages

The two nationwide recognised minority languages are Scots and Spanish. Although these are nationwide minority languages, they do not possess equal status in all regions and colonial territories.

Languages at the regional level

Regions and colonial territories may adopt their own separate official and minority languages.

Afrikaans and English

As the two official languages, Afrikaans and English enjoy full recognition throughout the nation.


German was previously recognised as a recognised minority language in the former colony of Braunland. It was replaced with Spanish upon its integration into New Greenwich.


Spanish is a recognised minority language in New Greenwich.