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3th Legislature
National Parliament Seal.png
Type Unicameral
President of Brändholm Shady Morsi, NL
since 2015
People's Whip Daaniel van Baak, Socialist Party
since 2015
Members 15
Political groups NL (5), SP (4),Independent (1)

The Landskämer is the unicameral national legislative of the State of Brändholm . The Parliament is chosen annualy by the citizens of Brändholm

A Representative is elected by each citizen in the Republic . The Councilliman elected by the people of the entire Republic out of Representatives endorsed by the President in a General Election - the next must be held on or before 20 January 2015 All elections use the first-past-the-post system, and there are no limits on how many consecutive terms the Doge or a Councillman can serve.

Political parties

Name Logo Founded Ideology Position Seats Leader
National League NL Flag.png 2015 Libertarian-Conservatism Right
5 / 10
Shady Morsi
Socialist Party Mu.png 2015 Socialism Left
4 / 10
Said Likofen
Independent I.png 2015 Socialism Left
1 / 10
Andre Dey