Lakewood Monarchist Party

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Lakewood Monarchist Party
LeaderLord Paul Serwatka
ChairpersonLord Paul Serwatka
HeadquartersLakewood Reichstag
Official coloursWhite, Grey, Black, Maroon

This page is about the Monarchist Party of Lakewood. For more information on the New Serwatkan Imperium, go to the embedded link.

The Lakewood Monarchist Party was the founding party in Lakewood. It was founded by Kaiser Lord Paul Serwatka, who decided that a monarchy allowed for the best possible outcome for the Imperium. Its main opposition is the Democratic People's Party of Lakewood.


The Lakewood Monarchist Party exists as the leading party for the Serwatkan Imperium and hopes to continue to reign of the Kaiser. They also wish to maintain a military, language, and other defining features of a Micronation. They exist for the right of the community, even at the expense of the rights of the people.