Lake Delfino

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Lake Delfino
Lake Delfino in 2019
LocationOak Forest
TypeLagoon in Oak Forest, Kapreburg
Basin CountriesNone
JurisdictionOak Forest Flag of Oak Forest.png
Surface Area0.0039 km²

Lake Delfino a lake in Kapreburg. It is also in the largest province of Kapreburg, Oak Forest, and is a lake that Jackson I of Kapreburg frequents to go fishing.


The lake was originally named Lake Coleman, but was changed to Lake Delfino to honor the 2002 video game Super Mario Sunshine. The name comes from the game's main world, Delfino Plaza.


Like most lakes in Kapreburg, Lake Delfino is known for fishing but Lake Delfino is one of the smallest, only known by the locals.


The flag comes from the flag of Isle Delfino, which you can find in the Delfino Plaza.[1]


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