Kingdom of Lacuslandia

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Królestwo Lacuslandii

Te Deum - Prelude
Capital cityLacus
Largest cityLimitoarb
Official language(s)Polish, English
Official religion(s)Catholicism
Short nameLacuslandia
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- KingSebastian Sas
- ViceroyBartosz Krzeminski
CurrencyPolish Złoty
Time zoneUTC (summer) UTC +1 (winter)


The Kingdom of Lacuslandia is an enclave, and has one exclave, in Poland. Lacuslandia was established by two 12-year-old Sebastian Sas and Bartosz Krzeminski on 27 January 2017. Lacuslandia is an Absolute Monarchy with Sebastian Sas serving as the King, while Bartosz Krzeminski serves as Viceroy.

Photo of Lacuslandia