Democratic Revolution Party (Pinang)

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Democratic Revolution Party
Partito della Rivoluzione Democratica (IT)
PresidentFormer Archduke
Vice-presidentMayor of Bombardi
Founded22 February 2020 (as Liberal Constitutional Party)
Merger ofLong live the Grandmother and Liberal Front
IdeologyEgalitarianism, Liberal Socialism, Left-wing Souverainism and Antifascism
Political positionLeft-wing
Official colors     Cobalt blue
Executive Council
1 / 4
National Assembly
1 / 3
IADC Delegate
0 / 1

The Democratic Revolution Party (Italian: Partito della Rivoluzione Democratica), also known by its acronym PRD is a Liberal Socialist political party of Pinang and the biggest political party of Pinang. The Party was formed on 22 February 2020 as Liberal Constitutional Party with the merger between the Liberal Front and Long Live the Grandmother. From 22 February 2020 to 20 September 2020 was the ruling party of Pinang, currently he have only one seat at National Assembly and it is in government.


The logo of the party from 22 February 2020 to 9 May 2020.

The party was formed on 22 February 2020, twenty days after the formation of the triumvirate. The party was formed with the merger between the Liberal Front and Long Live the Grandmother. The party is considered to be 'the heir' of the Constitutional Party. The liberal fraction abandoned the party after the September 2020 Rayiys Election.


The party combines numerous ideologies within it, such as liberal socialism, sovereignism and antifascism. In economic politics the party promote the free market and and it opposes to the protectionism and autarchy. The members of the party has positioned itself in the political spectrum in the left-wing politics.

Electoral Results

Election year Candidate N° of votes % seats in Executive Council Government Affluence
May 2020 Rayiys Election Esty 3/4 75%
3 / 4
in government 50%
September 2020 Rayiys Election Esty 4/6 66.67%
1 / 4
political minority (20 September 2020-22 October 2020), in government (22 October 2020-Present) 75%