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  Directly-Governed City  
Standing atop the Kiliad wall looking over Itchycoo Park
Province Kostenburg
 - Governor Sebastian Schriber
Population (2012)
 - Total 10
Time zone GMT

Kostenburg, officially the City of Kostenburg, is the capital and most populated city in Kasimovia. It is also one of the most populous in the Ashukov Federation. Located in Somerset, England, it comprises of a number of enclaves (surrounding houses) in the state of Midstat. It is home to the Kiliad Line and Itchycoo Park (both pictured left) and is the basis of the majority of Kasimovian operations internationally.


Historically founded in 2012 under the name Seitweg it was the foundation of Carrumian rule over the Saxon controlled land. It provided an Empire stronghold throughout the South-West and was the basis of many expansions. Although not very active, Seitweg proved to be successful as it expanded further into the farmland, investigating the deeds and status of the land around it. On the joining of Amager, Carrum went through a major reform. The city was soon renamed Kostenburg, a merger of the free in German and burg to symbolize the hill it sat atop of. At this point it started expanding, encompassing surrounding houses and nearby fields, notifying locals of Carrum's presence. When Carrum (then Dorien) joined the Ashukov Federation the now Kostenburg once again expanded, moving its authority over a number of enclaves a small walking distance away of governors, officials and other important citizens.

It has since looked into the establishment of a state company selling home grown produce called the 'Kasimovian Agricultural Produce Conglomerate', consisting of a variety of companies producing herbs, crops and other organic goods. It is planned to launch in late February coinciding with the ABLE Project. The city has recently seen another boost of activity with the building of the Kasimovian Buddhist Temple and the ABLE Project launch site as well as the expansion of the Kiliad Wall.

Surrounding Territories

The Kiliad Line, seen above, is a large defensive wall built at the very North of the city. Looking out over Itchycoo Park, a favorite with dog owners. Although the Kiliad Line and the rest of Kostenburg are owned collectively and legally within the United Kingdom, Itchycoo Park is, however, Common land that is rented by a farmer and is unable to be occupied. Discreet ditches covered up with vegetation have been constructed just in front of the Kiliad Line to prevent trespassers. The Kiliad Line runs all the way through the city, decreasing to a fence further up the line near the road. However, plans are being made to reinforce this and barbwire has been placed. The Kasimovian Temple is also directly next to the wall and the bunker which consists of a gap in the wall with a slatted fence which can be sat in and looked out of.


Kostenburg is a loyalist stronghold for the Allfather's Party. The official residence of President Schriber and many other high ranking politicians including William Horker the majority vote has never slipped from the grasp of the party. The Kiliad Wall is infact a Military Exclusion Zone of the Kasimovian People's Combat Group as is the launch site of the ABLE Project. A number of catapults to fire small pellets that can be moved off and onto firing stages near the wall are planning on being established although it is not official as of yet. Kostenburg is in the pathway of a nearby of a British Airforce base with regular patrols ahead. The People's Combat Group mark the tail numbers and monitor the aircraft, especially the ammount of traffic. The location of the Kostenburg Signal, a pair of high-powered HAM radios able to listen in on military and aircraft frequencies are used to monitor radio chatter in the area too.

Twinned Cities