Kingdom of the United Baltics Benusia

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Kingdom of the United Baltics Benusia
Flag of Kingdom of Benusia
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Benusia
Coat of arms
Motto: Mēs esam brīvi Vatyn rokās.
Anthem: Būkite laisvi, Vanvsyans!
Location of Kingdom of Benusia
Official languagesBaltic
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
King Yasv Favton
• Premier
Fashav Matvk
• Estimate
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
• Per capita
Time zoneGMT +3
Calling code+372

Kingdom of United Baltics Benusia, More Known as the Kingdom of Benusia, is a monarch kingdom located in North-East Europe. It was founded in 1940 by the Leaders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. it was made to fight to defend Benusia from the Soviet Union, Benusia not only defeated them but also managed to be a peaceful nation after the end of World war II. Benusian Leaders then was Konstantin Päts, Gustavs Zemgals and Antanas Smetona.


Unification Day

When the Russian troops invaded The Baltics, the leaders of the Baltics Countries decided to form United Baltics Benusia, The Soviets were a lot, and Benusia's Soldiers were just 20,000 but still, they defended the Capital but they were outnumbered by the humorous amount of soldiers that the Soviets had, we decided to bomb them as much as possible and we already burnt the city. most of them died because of the number of artillery bombings. now the Russians were no match and were pushed back to the border. But the Soviets sent yet another Counteroffensive at Narva where they successfully Got in Because the Benusian Soldiers Moved to Tartu to defend it. The Benusians Pushed them back again and proposed a peace Treaty which got signed by the Soviets, But Benusia had to lose Narva which later got Retrieved again by the Treaty of Tallinn On 19 December 1930

Great Guerilla Day

Germany sent 2 Million Troops to the Soviet Union and 1 Million to Benusia to get access to Northwest Russia and invade it. The Germans marched to Vilnius and just captured it with no resistance and then Benusian Volunteer Guerillas sent 50000 Guerrillas. They did nothing but defended their homeland because of their Determination and Molotov Cocktails, they defended Vilnius, While those were Happening, the Germans had captured Klaipeda by Sea and Kaunas by Land force, The Guerillas were fiercely Outnumbered in technology and Soldiers, so do the Benusian Army who did not do their jobs and got the Guerillas to do their jobs, Their soldiers was only 100,000 while the Guerillas was more than a million. Benusian Military surrenders because Tallinn was Captured, where all the soldiers were at. The Government just joined the axis, But the Guerillas Continued to fight and did not recognize the Surrender.

Attack of the Bears

Varnivuj is the Biggest Town in Kaunas, was a Military base of the Allies on Benusia, There was Thousands of British and Rusian Troops. It was Behind the Knowledge of the Germans so they Tried to Capture it But Instead, when they were Marching to Varnivuj, Hundered's of Wild Bears Attacked them, Most of the Germans Tried to shoot them but whenever they shoot, the Bears get Angrier and the Bullets didn't quite Hurt them Because Baltic Bears was Known to have very Thick Skin. the Germans were Pushed by the Bears to the main Kaunas and the Bears Finally Left. it was one of the Most Embarassing and Funniest Capture Attemp by the Germans.

Germany Wild Bears Total
Total Troops 1,926 98 2024
Found Dead 749 41 800

Revolution day

Benusia’s population grew from 4.1 Million to 4.8 Million in three years. It was the cause of the Germans wanting pure Aryans which Lithuania had a lot. But they wanted to be free from the Germans Because they Slaughtered 100,000 soldiers, they started an independence movement before the Russians come and capture them, The Guerillas and the Soldiers United Formed a new Military Called Benusian Armed Forces, Led by Vatyn Ikvr who wanted to be a monarch and defeat the German Republic of Benusia,146,376 Benusian's, fought but the Germans was also fighting the Soviets so every troop were needed but some were still sent but they lose anyways, Benusia Captured Tallinn by sending 30,000 troops, Capturing the village Nõmme and successfully captured all of Tallinn. after the Successful Revolution, Vatyn Became the king on 24 November 1943.

Assassination of Vatyn

Vatyn was so famous for his Projects, But Gasif Wanted to be the King so he decided to take matters into his own hands by assassinating Vatyn to get the power, he was assassinated on 3 April 1974.However he was replaced by his Daughter, Mlisja Ikvr. Gasif was Later Caught and Replaced by Caky Franca Replaced him on 8 May 1974. Mlisja Ikvr Later Died and Replaced by Her son, Yasv on 1991

Monarchy Day

Guerillas Leader Gasif Moros is now Prime Minister and Vatyn is now the king. Vatyn had a lot of Plans Like joining NATO because the Soviets might invade them, But it did not happen because neutrality was wanted to have remained, but later they would join right after the fall of the USSR on 26 December 1991. therefore he also planned to Recycle the Worlds trash by asking every country to give them their trash which includes Plastic, Food waste and very expensive wastes like Metal and Aluminum. They used Plastic waste to, Of course, make Plastic stuff like Toys, Chairs, Plastic bags and more, which made Benusia the Stuff maker for Europe, you will also see a lot of things that are made in Benusia.

Recent Events

Litho-Benusian War

Tensions with GFR and Benusia were high because of the accidental bombing of a Lithesian Plane at Viga and the Bombing of a military base in Northern GFR

Battle of Tallinn

As the GWL People's Revolutionary Forces 4th Battalion reached its way over the capital and captured Paldiski and its Islands, Benusia and NATO troops sent a huge backlash to capture Paldiski and later, Benusia successfully Captures Both the Pakri Islands, trapping the 8th armoured and Tanker defence forces because they had no boats to flee with for they got bombed by the Coast Guards, Making the soldiers surrender. Soon after, Benusia quickly repelled the 80th regiment which was at Pakri Mainland and the 6th infantry division at Kurkse, in less than 3 days, they were successfully Defeated.

Democratic Republic of Gaming With Lit Kingdom of United Baltics Benusia North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Civilians Total
Total Troops 143,584 19,451 20,391 602,481 785,907
Found Dead 24,393 12,593 14,492 1,391 52,869
Prisoners of War 29,404 N/A 1 N/A 29,393
Excecuted N/A N/A 94 295 383
Missing 59 10 93 51 213

2nd Litho-Benusian War

After the 2nd Karelian war, Which Ended as an Disaster for the Karelians, Lithesians were the Next. After Getting NATO Permission, 10 Million Bombs, Which Costs 40 Billion Dollars Were Launched in Every Lithesian Cities, But of cource, the Lithesian Peoples were Alerted. they were Evacuated to Benusia to Gain Freedom from their Corrupt Government, 89 Million Lithesians were Given Better 1st World Country Homes, However the Bombing of Every Lithesian Cities Began. Killing 1 Million Soldier or Civilian, it did not matter since they did not want to flee. Now, Their "Good Roads" Were Destroyed, Billions of Dollars Costs Structures Shattered to Pieces. Lithesian "Supreme Leader", or should I say, Dictator, Was Arrested for Human Rights Violations, Murder, Tax Evasion,

Communist Benusia

After the Premier of Benusia, Svie Ikvr was replaced by Favgn Kayt, Many governmental and economic reforms were put into place. Later that same day, he announced that Benusia will undergo major political collapse as he established the People's Republic of Benusia. The People's Republic of Benusia only existed from December 2021 to January 2022. As the 2nd Benusian Revolution takes place, the ruling Communist People's Party Benusia was deposed and the monarchy was restored, thus making the new Benusian Constitution thus Favgn Kayt was Replaced by Svie Once again.

Invasion of Peoples Republic of Karelia

Lithesian Intelligence Had Proof that a Karelian Invasion will occur, we declared war Because The Russian President had to pay a lot of money so Benusia will join the war, so Benusian Prime Minister, Svie Ikvr, immediately Declared war Because the Russians had to pay a huge amount of money to get the Russian lands back, and it happened. Conquering Bryansk, Smolensk and Pskov. But the Karelians Launched a Counteroffensive to Pskov But later Pushed to Novgorod and Leningrad and after a very Bloody Battle, St Petersburg was Captured. Forcing the Karelians to sue for peace.

Peoples Republic of Karelia Kingdom of United Baltics Benusia Russian Federation Republic of Belarus Civilians Total
Total Troops 1,821,692 21,814 3,691,592 491,921 492 6,027,511
Found Dead 428,691 12,026 681,911 102,827 2 1,225,457
Prisoners of War 603,392 334 10,571 814 N/A 615,111
Excecuted N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Missing 1 7 726 14 7 757

2nd "Invasion" of Peoples Republic of Karelia

After the Defeat of Karelia, GFR Has Allied itself with Karelia, Which Benusia did not like. so, To stop that allegiance so Benusia Was Gonna Bomb all of the Karelian Cities, Until, The Karelian President Surrendered Himself at The Coast of Bergen. Now Karelia is an Russian State once Again, But Ruled by Benusia.



Project Wheel

All People Inside Benusia will Enjoy Free Bus Rides. However some Bus Companies that are not Benusian will still charge you Money, The Main Terminals of the Busses are at

  • Riga
  • Narva
  • Vilnius
  • Klaipeda

Project Cloud

Solars and Windmills will be Mandatory in Benusia. so, 7,689 Windmills was Built in Latvia. 8,047 in Lithuania, 3,689 in Livonia and 11,629 in Estonia. While In the Solar, All Benusian Houses use Solar as its main Energy Source and Windmill Energy for Emergency.

Project Barricade

Benusia will be Adding Barricades to Various Places Like Royal Palaces, Governmental Offices, And such more. However, They will not be Regular Barricades, But Electric Barricades, Which will Have Features such as

  • Electric Shock
  • Moves up and Down
  • Censors
  • Solar Panels

Project New Life

10 Years of Peace while the other countries were at war during the cold war, Benusia got money by making Plastic stuff, Clearing the trash in the Seas and ocean for money, Farming foods and Benusia Also own 43% of the companies in the world. Therefore the Benusian Government GDP is now 803.1 Billion Dollars. Which was most used for houses, underground Bunkers and tunnels for Civilian Roads, The Project was Called New Life because it would change the life of all Benusians because the Houses would be free and the Houses comes with an Underground bunker for Bombing which connects to the underground road. The project took 50 years to finish and cost 173 Billion Dollars.

Project Save Sea

While the world was throwing trash at the sea, Benusia is taking those to get recycled, which get turned into stuff like:

  • Machines
  • Air Conditioners
  • Cars
  • Cups
  • Electronics
  • Plastic Bags
  • Tires
  • And more

Project Let there be Light

Benusia Putted Millions of Solar Panels Which Costs 28 Billion Dollars at the Sahara Desert to Provide Electricity But, the countries that get provided must pay 1 Million dollars for the electricity per year. those countries are

  • Algeria
  • Libya
  • Chad
  • Mali
  • Mauritania
  • Morocco
  • Niger
  • Sudan
  • Nigeria
  • Benin
  • Togo

Project Light Bulb

Benusia wanted poor people to get Educated so they can work for Benusia, so 1 Million poor students were sent to Benusia to Study Free and they are from These Countries

  • India
  • Myanmar
  • the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Philippines
  • Bangladesh
  • East Timor
  • And more


2014 Prime Minister Election

Caky Vranca Svie Ikvr Liensko Nie
1st 5,792,516 55.88%
2nd 2,581,961 24.51%
3rd 2,096,581 19.61%

2021 Prime Minister Election

Faghn Jafjar Jat Dajkv Liensko Nie
1st 4,681,285 36.8%
2nd 4,275,301 33.6%
3rd 3,783,616 29.6%

2021 Latvian Governor

Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis Roberts Zīle Jānis Bordāns Artis Pabriks Aldis Gobzems Krišjānis Kariņš
1st 268,591 31.55%
2nd 208,691 25.24%
3rd 201,296 24.39%
4th 149,689 16.99%
5th 50,701 1.21%
6th 10,601 0.61%

2021 Lithuania and Livonian Governor

Moniesvie Niesvieliy Ingrida Šimonytė
1st 2,609,193 54.17%
2nd 2,285,592 45.83%

2021 Estonian Governor

Jüri Ratas Kaja Kallas Mart Helme Helir-Valdor Seeder Jevgeni Ossinovski
1st 1,636,701 46.62%
2nd 602,590 17.54%
3rd 600,196 17.48%
4th 462,651 13.4%
5th 170,429 4.95%

2021 Kreisi Isles Governor

Liensko Nie II Akrin Shi Iinovisj Niy
1st 2,591,803 98.75%
2nd 31,411 1.18%
3rd 1,680 0.07%

Map of Benusia