Kingdom of the Green River

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Kingdom of the Green River
Green River Kingdom


From shore to shore
Long live the King
Western Massachusetts
Capital cityGreen City
Largest cityWhite City
Official language(s)English (de facto)
GovernmentTotalitarian Absolute Monarchy
- KingHis Majesty, King Smith
- Chancellor of the Party and Council ChairmanEren Scott
LegislatureCouncil of the Lands
Established6th January, 2016
(Citizens are residents and students)
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zoneEST

The Kingdom of the Green River is a micronation located in western Massachusetts. It is considered the unofficial successor to the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst. It was founded in early January 2016 when the King, Scott I, former leader of New Elmhurst unified many of the lands around the capital city, which had been without Government since the dissolution of New Elmhurst. It is run as an absolute monarchy, with the King having final say on all issues. However, a 'Council of the Lands' serves as a legislative body.


The Kingdom of the Green River is named after the Green River, which is a cultural center for the people living in and around the Kingdom.


The Tsardom of New Elmhurst was considered to be the Successor state to the short lived "State of New Elmhurst". It remained an independent state for three years, before being annexed by the Sorrenian Federation.The Tsar abdicated, putting Eren Lewis in power. After a few months, Michael Thomas Brazeau left New Elmhurst. In early autumn, New Elmhurst became a Kingdom, with Joseph Kennedy as King, and Eren Lewis as Governor General.

Union with 9th Grade

On 11 December, Lewis, being leader of New Elmhurst and Absolute Ruler of the 9th Grade, decided to merge the two states, forming the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst and the 9th Grade, shortened to UKNE.

Occupation of Berghav

In late March, Sean, a student that went to the same school as Eren Lewis formed an independent Micronation, the Kingdom of Berghav. Noticing that most of its citizens were also citizens of New Elmhurst, Lewis decided that he would attempt to pull the new state into New Elmhurst. After S. refused unification, Lewis, with the permission of the King, declared war on Berghav. The war was fought completely with boffers, or foam weapons. The New Elmhurstian forces for a majority of the occupation were armed with swords, though spears and axes stolen from the Berghavian forces were used later. The Berghavian forces had swords, axes, and spears. The New Elmhurstian forces defeated and occupied the Berghavians.

Threat of Civil War

In June 2015, dissent against the Government and distaste for King Joseph was growing. With Revolutionary forces reforming in Berghav and a small group of Spiralists organizing against the Government, the threat of civil war was close. With summer break, the Spiralists and other internal forces abandoned the idea of Revolution. The Berghavians, however, managed to occupy a large amount of their formal territory, declaring their independence.

The September War

On the 21st of September, 2015, the President of the Republic of New Elmhurst had made the announcement that the country would slowly begin a transfer to a democratic system, from the military dictatorship it had been for the past few months. Upon hearing this, several Colonels in the Armed Forces rose up against the President, launching a military coup. The next hour was confusing, as military figures and politicians scrambled to align themselves with either the Republicans or the Monarchists, who had taken power.Later that day, negotiations were held between the two forces. The negotiations went on for about three hours, and were rather harsh and hostile. In the end, the former King, King Joseph, declared his support for the Monarchist faction. Ordering the Republicans to submit to the new Government, they refused. The two leaders were then exiled by the King. At 10:44 PM, EST, the Republic of New Elmhurst formally declared war on the United Kingdom, beginning the civil war. War began rather quietly, with the formal declaration followed by men siding with either leader. The territory of Arthur, long a rogue entity of New Elmhurst, broke away from Eren Scott's leadership and sided with the Monarchist faction, with Scott having previously claimed that all land was under Republican control, this was a blow to his legitimacy. Both sides then rushed to prepare propaganda pieces and traded verbal barbs. On Sept 24th, a noted supporter of the Republicans and the NELF, Grant Hawkins, defected to the Monarchist side. He was named a Colonel in the Monarchists' Armed Forces and granted full amnesty for his actions as a member of the NELF. About a week after the start of the war, the Republican forces surrendered on certain terms, leaving the Republican and Monarchist forces to fight to retake the seceded lands.

Dissolution of New Elmhurst

In late December 2015, the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst was dissolved by its Government.

Unification of the Novemian Lands

In January 2016, King Scott unified the former lands of the United Kingdom of New Elmhurst, as well as the Kingdom of the Spiral under a single banner, forming the Kingdom of the Green River. He was declared absolute Monarch of the New Kingdom. He soon abdicates, appointing King Smith as his successor.


The Kingdom of the Green River is run as an absolute Monarchy, with the King have complete and final say over all executive, legislative and judicial matters. However, provinces are allowed to elect local Governors, who represent their provinces in the 'Council of the Lands', which meets once a month to propose laws to the King, as well as to express the wishes of their people to him. The council of the lands is dominated completely by members of 'The People's Party', the leading and only party.


The Monarchy is the main branch of the Green River Government. The Monarchy is led by the King, currently Scott I. The King has supreme executive, legislative, and judicial powers, with the power to create or get rid of laws. The Monarch of Green River is an appointed position, with the King appointing his successor in the case of abdication. If the King dies, his successor is appointed by a direct election, with each province sending forth a candidate for the people to choose.

Council of the Lands

The Council of the Lands is the unofficial legislative body of the Kingdom. It is made up of provincial Governors who are elected by the people of each province. The Governors gather once a month to bring the problems, concerns, and wishes of the people of each province to the King.